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Why This Topic?

This post is an introduction to a few peoples first thoughts and experiences with trying to eat healthy. Our future posts will dive more into detail

There are many ways to be healthy. Everyone has their own interpretation of what healthy is, and everyone has their own reasons for choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Being healthy can be a tough process. This is written to give insight into healthy living (specifically food) so you and others can make better and more informed decisions.

The Breakdown:

We have summed up the following for your convenience. Depending on where you live, eating healthy can be tough, however it can be worth it. When Eating healthy, people report feeling more energized.

While it may be worth it, there can be some issues.

  • It’s a commitment. Some have stopped for their own personal reasons even though they reported great benefits.
  • In some situation you may have to sacrifice time and money. If you are on the poverty line, making significant change in your eating habits may be unrealistic.

Even though there are cons and it can be tough, taking it slow to minimize the toughness should not make you feel bad. Taking it slow is an option and is something we suggest to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, we suggest:

  • Be prepared. Going to a restaurant or friend’s? Call ahead to see if your needs can be met, if not, bring food you know you can eat.
  • If it’s food you’ve never inspected, inspect it
  • Look at the store bought pre-made foods you buy, is it loaded with salt and random ingredients? If so you may want to avoid them and find a healthier alternative.

To Be Discussed in Future Posts

In our upcoming posts regarding this topic we will look at:

  1. We will discuss Veganism and if the possible benefits are worth it to you right now or if you should wait.
  2. We will try and provide a breakdown on how expensive eating healthy really is.
  3. Discuss what people’s idea of eating healthy are

Top Disclaimers:

*Disclaimer 1: The following quoted areas may not be direct quotes, however, the original person quoted has agreed to our paraphrasing. Names may have been changed for privacy

*Disclaimer 2: The information you read on our site is for informational purposes only. We are not doctors or lawyers and are not experts. All information is based on our research, experience, and knowledge we were taught. We suggest that you confirm any information that we provide to ensure it is still relevant and factual based on present day resources and recommendations of professionals. Our recommendation is to use peer reviewed scholarly research to get the most accurate information and reach out to a professional near you.

The Discussion of Eating Healthy

Why do people stop eating healthy?

From what we’ve been told by others, the top concerns have been:

  1. It is a big commitment
  2. Cost is an issue
  3. Time

It’s a commitment?

A few people have expressed that they have stopped eating healthy, for Carry, she says, “because it was hard given my surroundings”. For Carry, while she can cook her own food, she lives with her parents, she feels there is a huge temptation to want to eat the food that her family makes.

“I don’t think I will be able to control that temptation right now, and then I would feel bad for acting on that temptation and be less motivated to keep trying. Also, when it comes to eating out, it is hard to find restaurants serving healthy food where I live. The places I found are about 20 minutes away, I do not have a vehicle, and no one in my family would want to take me since they are not used to the healthy food. I feel if you’ve never eaten healthy before, it is something you and your body slowly have to get used to.”

This leads us to ask the questions. Have we made things like eating healthy too big of a commitment? Should we feel utterly terrible when we mess up? For the Carry who will struggle with temptation of their family’s food, she started using reduced sodium soy sauce when making her food. Is this not a step in the right direction? Sure it is a small change, but life is commonly about small changes and doing small things that add up to one large thing as an end result. Making a big change suddenly may not be the best for everyone and a lot of diet ideas get stopped in their tracks by going big right away.

Regarding friends and families, when it comes to eating out we understand the concerns. One option to consider is to grab something healthy to eat before hand if possible, even if it is small, and then find what looks like the healthiest appetizer or side dishes you can find. If it’s mashed potatoes and gravy, you may be able to ask for it without the gravy. This way you can still spend time with friends and family if they are unwilling or unable to meet your needs and wants, and you spend less money eating out.

Eating Healthy Costs too much and takes too much time?

From our interviews, many complaints have also been about the cost. Something we are looking to do in a future post is compare the cost of peoples’ current eating habits to what the cost would be to make better eating choices based on what they consider healthy, and how big of a difference the cost actually is.

The last issue is regarding time. To cook what they consider healthier takes longer for them to prep. Our director had an interesting opinion about this and the cost.

CVoice: Time needed to make your own food makes sense as a complaint for many just starting out. However, with a bit a research and depending on what you are currently making, it can be the same amount of time. If you are mostly eating prepackaged and precooked food because you literally have no time to cook, you will probably have to spend more money to eat healthier and if you are below the poverty line that becomes unrealistic.

Are there any benefits to eating healthy?

For many the energy and feeling gained could outweigh the time needed to cook their desired meals. Keep in mind though, even small changes are better than no changes. Time should not be an excuse if you do actually have time. You can also take a few hours to meal prep on your day off which makes life a lot easier.  The more energized and the better you feel, the greater chance that you may work more efficiently as well. From Carry’s perspective she reported that she felt different after about a week., stating:

“It felt like I may have felt better overall with more energy, of course, I may have seen a more drastic change if I stuck with it longer and included a lot of healthier foods. I didn’t fully commit to it when I first tried eating healthier. The change in eating habits I did make were very small.”

The fact that these changes, even small were noticed, hints that even making small changes over time can have its own benefits instead of going on a health nut craze.

What are other cons with eating healthy?

For those who do not slowly begin to eat healthier, they may find that it is a bit of a hassle. A good idea may be to take It slow and slowly make a list of alternatives to some of the foods you eat instead of trying to find alternatives to everything all at once. We feel CVoice’s experience is a major negative if you just jump into a health craze.

CVoice:  You must read the ingredients list.
For me it clicked that I want to go all out and eat healthy and It got real frustrating sometimes. You quickly realize a lot of the foods you were eating are likely horrible for you. Some things you feel should be healthy have a ton of sugar, salt, or something that is known to be bad for your body like aspartame as an example, and for no reason. For salt, sometimes something will say it has 100mg of salt on the nutrition facts label – which is still quite a bit – then you read the per servings section they split it into unrealistically small servings to where you might actually be taken in 500mg as a normal human being with a normal appetite.

Many people we have talk to that are all about healthy eating are still finding that some of the foods they eat were actually not that good of an alternative or a good idea for their goals. You just have to keep moving forward with where you see your ideal self. Stop purchasing that item and at the same time find something better, and don’t get discouraged.  

Some takeaways and Suggestions.

It can be tough and require a lot of effort switching to a healthier lifestyle. After hearing from these wonderful individuals, we feel the following

  • Take it slow. You don’t have to rush into eating healthy unless you’ve been told your life is in immediate danger
  • Read the ingredients list on top of the nutrient label.

Regarding reading the labels. If you if you are trying to avoid sugar for example, we have found out that companies can choose to put 0g of sugar on the nutrient fact sheet if it is under a certain amount. The most notable example is Tic Tacs. Many people eat multiple Tic Tacs a day, and you might think it’s okay because there is no sugar, but forget the rest of the ingredients for a moment, the first one is actually sugar. While Tic Tacs do have a small note that 0g means less than .5 grams (so it could be .49) many companies do not add any note on the nutrient facts list so you do have the read the actual ingredients list yourself.

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